About ArKal Medical, Inc.

ArKal Medical is developing a simple, needle-free minimally invasive continuous glucose monitoring(CGM) system that is highly accurate and near painless.

CGM systems measure interstitial fluid (ISF) glucose and provide continuous readings and information about glucose trends over time. Unlike current invasive needle-based subcutaneous CGM sensors, the novel ArKal GlucoPod™ CGM system is designed to be worn like a patch and is targeted to a wider range of both Type 1 and Type 2 insulin-dependent diabetics.

Arvind Jina is the founder of ArKal Medical, Inc. and has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since its inception in 2005. The company is led by an experienced management team and advisors with a proven track record. The ArKal team has successfully demonstrated feasibility of its patented and proprietary technology with a clinical prototype device whose clinical performance and accuracy in diabetic subjects compares favorably to currently available products.